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May 9, 2013

We are launching a Small Business Webinar Series!

Are you stressed about what your business needs? Are you looking for a helping hand? A little expert advice to get you started in the right direction?

Join our webinar series if you would choose any of the following items from you daily list of problems:

  • Your revenue growth is in the single digits
  • Your profit or margin is lower than your peers
  • Your struggling to determine next steps
  • You need to find quality experts you can trust
  • Everyone wants your money, but you don’t know where to spend it
  • You don’t have time to do everything!

If you selected the last point only that one alone qualifies you! Most entrepreneurs or small enterprises suffer from the last point quite acutely  Join our webinar series and let us open your eyes to the potential and  different directions you could take to maximize your time.

Just some of the speakers that will be speaking this 2013/14 Season

Stacey Perlin – Teaching Others Builds Business Success
Kaelie Forzani – How Your Personal Image Affects Your Companies Brand
Melissa Leithwood – How social media can help you generate new markets for your product.
Tony Grimes –  Network Like an Organizer

Join today and get on a path that leads to success!

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