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7 frequent strategic content mistakes

We belong to many forums on the web and every once and while we come across a great conversation. This past week was a doozy, we participated in a great conversation on strategic content mistakes and we wanted to share the results with you. Balance your marketing and engagement. So many companies engage too much […]
Strategic Thinking

BlackBerry 10 – success should be measured in years not weeks

What I find so interesting about the recent Blackberry discourse is the presumption that BlackBerry needs a homerun from their Z10 and Q10 models. This is a silly insinuation and largely ignores the body of evidence to the contrary and from many different angles, not just one. Let me grind through this baseless position, by […]

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry needs to deliver a product that no one is talking about

Everyone is talking about the latest from BlackBerry, the new OS and the Z10. Props to BB for those two new products, they are a big step forward and hopefully they’ll continue to sell well for the company.¬†However today I’d like to talk about an entirely different product that doesn’t exist yet and needs to […]

Social login versus registration

Recently JanRain put out a report that users are getting tired of filling out forms (shocking) and that those same users are fatigued by constantly logging into sites with new usernames, passwords, etc. We’ve believed this for a while and have for the past year recommended clients allow for this on their websites. However this […]

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